[concurrency-interest] Soliciting input about removeAllThreadLocals

Doug Lea dl@cs.oswego.edu
Sun, 8 Dec 2002 17:15:55 -0500

Josh wrote:

>    Yep.  Thread pools are dangerous. 

I suppose I ought to put this in some perspective. Basically right out
of sec 1.2 of CPJ2e. There's a continuum of tradeoffs of less
isolation for less overhead for performing actions in separate ...

   (BTW, the public draft of JSR-121 Isolates, that provide process-like
    isolation in JDK1.5, will be out next week.)
  Lightweight tasks (i.e., Runnables in thread pools)
  Events (in AWT and similar frameworks)

As always, there's no single right answer, but you need to be aware
the tradeoffs.