[concurrency-interest] Leo Uzcategui/Austin/IBM is out of the office.

Brian Goetz brian@quiotix.com
Sat, 14 Dec 2002 15:20:13 -0800

>I will be out of the office starting December 12, 2002 and will not return
>until January 6, 2003.
>For assistance, please contact Robin Redden at (512) 838-1542.

For what its worth:

Thieves are using information contained in 'out of office' auto-reply emails
and cross-referencing it with publicly available personal information to
target empty houses.  Criminals are buying huge lists of email addresses
over the internet and sending mass-mailings in the hope of receiving 'out of
office' auto responses from workers away on vacation.  By cross-reference
such replies with publicly available information from online directories,
the burglars can often discover the name, address and telephone number of
the person on vacation.  "You wouldn't go on vacation with a note pinned to
your door saying who you are, how long you will be away, and when you are
coming back, so why would you put this in an email?" "Email is the most
popular form of office communication but many people forget that the
information contained in these messages can get into the wrong hands."

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