comments on Executor

Mark D. Anderson
Sat, 2 Feb 2002 15:23:53 -0800

> The TimerTask's cancel method works as a latch that can only prevent a task
> from running -- but not actively stop a running task. 

hmm, ok, so maybe what i've been talking about should be called abort(),
a method on Abortable.

in fact, in something like aio or other system that returns async request handles,
the abort concept is (i.e. once the task has been started) is the one of interest.

[aside, note that this notion of aio is not what is coming down the pipe with jdk1.4,
which is more akin to non-blocking io, even though people sometimes refer to it
as "async io". 
jdk1.4 nio can still provide an example of the abort() concept, not because it
has operation handles, but because it promises that outstanding io requests can be interrupted
by a close operation on the underlying channel (vs. aio where you can cancel
particular requests).]