[concurrency-interest] Concurrency Wrappers

Curt at Tripos Curt at Tripos <ccox@tripos.com>
Wed, 25 Jun 03 15:48:29 -0500


> I agree that such wrappers would be useful in
> simple cases, but I think they
> could as well be dangerous in more complex ones.
> Too much synchronization
> (e.g. blindly making all methods synchronized
> like in this case) can easily
> lead to liveness problems, not to mention
> performance degradation.

Obviously too much synchronization can be bad.
I don't eat and sleep concurrency, so my experiences
may be quite different than those of the average
reader of this list.

Most applications that I have worked on however,
have little if any concurrency design beyond that
implicitly dictated by working with Swing.
Concurrency issues usually manifest themselves as
bugs.  They are usually dealt with by changing either the
synchronization of the classes involved, or with
wrappers.  When that is inadequate, then other
measures can be sought.

>  you are essentially requesting very heavy-weight
> mechanisms 
I'm actually requesting an API.  The mechanism is up
to the implementors.