[concurrency-interest] SwingWorker example (was Concurrency Utilitiesin Practice)

Tim Peierls tim@peierls.net
Mon, 24 Nov 2003 13:51:03 -0500

Michael Ogg wrote:
> we've got an example of a PooledExecutor using a BoundedBuffer from real
> live code using dl.u.c. it's used to do overhead-free asynchronous
> monitoring to a remote service. upto the depth of the buffer, it
> swallows RemoteException. also got another example using
> dl.u.c.ClockDaemon (that will migrate to j.u.c.ScheduledExecutor) for a
> scheduling service.

These sound like good, short examples, thanks. Any estimate on when j.u.c
migration could happen?