[concurrency-interest] Concurrency Utilities in Practice

Tim Peierls tim@peierls.net
Mon, 24 Nov 2003 14:42:24 -0500

Claude Hussenet wrote:
> We're the concurrent package as a way to process simultaneous 
> request to the backend in an asynchronous fashion. ... We found 
> the concurrent package an an alternative to the JMS API which 
> usually require a J2EE container.

Have you considered Dave Walend's SomnifugiJMS? It is essentially 
a JMS wrapper around the concurrency utilities (forgive me, Dave, 
if I oversimplify).


It would be nice to get a feeling for how to decide between JMS-style 
designs and the direct use of the concurrency utilities. If we had all 
the time in the world, I'd love to present things in this order:

  1) a j.u.c implementation of SomnifugiJMS
  2) an example of asynch request processing using 1)
  3) an example of asynch request processing using "raw" j.u.c
     (as in Claude's financial site)

But we don't have much time. As interesting as all of this is, I think 
our first priority is breadth of application of the concurrency utilities.