[concurrency-interest] JCP Case Study of JSR 166

Susan Mitchell susan@mitchlink.com
Mon, 24 Nov 2003 11:57:54 -0800

My apologies to the list for the previous HTML gobbledygook. Here is 
a plain text version.

-- Susan

Doug suggested that I poll this list to request input for a story I 
am writing on behalf of the JCP. This story, to be posted at jcp.org 
in the spec lead guide section, is a case study in how an expert 
group handles the task of developing an API, RI, and TCK. (FYI, here 
are similar case studies I wrote: 
http://jcp.org/en/resources/guide/jsr53 and 

I just finished browsing sample postings on the concurrency-interest 
archives to get a sense of how this interest list works. I was 
impressed at the positive and enthusiastic tone of many of the 
messages. I'll be talking more with Doug, but I wondered if any of 
you wanted to answer some or all of these questions:

What is your role in the development of JSR 166, and how did you end 
up in that role?
How did you find out about the concurrency-interest list?
How do you feel the contributions of the concurrency-interest list 
improved (or detracted from) the quality of the EG's product?
Have your comments/suggestions been taken seriously? Please explain.
What aspects of the development process should be adopted by other EGs?
What aspects of the development process could have been improved?
If you have participated in or interacted with other expert groups,
what makes this EG unique? better? worse?
Has it made any difference to the workings of this EG or interest 
group that spec lead Doug Lea is not employed by a corporation?
Has it made any difference to the workings of this EG or interest 
group that spec lead Doug Lea was on the JCP Executive Committee?
Is there anything else that a potential spec lead could learn from 
this EG to apply to a new EG?
How do you feel about the JCP's role in the working of this EG?

If you prefer to discuss any of these on the phone, let me know. I 
look forward to a blizzard of email from you. Thanks a bunch!

-- Susan