[concurrency-interest] SwingWorker example (was Concurrency Utilitiesin Practice)

Michael Ogg ogg@valaran.com
Mon, 24 Nov 2003 16:00:26 -0500

yes, they are short examples. in fact, I was impressed with how little 
code was needed to produce a rock solid service.

the migration to j.u.c is based on the advertized solidity. dl.u.c is 
"production quality" whereas j.u.c is "buyer beware". now there may not 
be much difference in fact, but since we're using this in product, we 
have a more convincing story with dl.u.c. meaning we may not go to j.u.c 
until JSR166 is passed.


Tim Peierls wrote:
> Michael Ogg wrote:
>>we've got an example of a PooledExecutor using a BoundedBuffer from real
>>live code using dl.u.c. it's used to do overhead-free asynchronous
>>monitoring to a remote service. upto the depth of the buffer, it
>>swallows RemoteException. also got another example using
>>dl.u.c.ClockDaemon (that will migrate to j.u.c.ScheduledExecutor) for a
>>scheduling service.
> These sound like good, short examples, thanks. Any estimate on when j.u.c
> migration could happen?
> --tim
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