[concurrency-interest] Too late to add a pushBack method to BlockingQueue?

David Walend david@walend.net
Mon, 08 Sep 2003 13:58:29 -0400

A friend of mine is trying to add message acknowledgment to Somnifugi 
JMS. I'm trying to make some long-range plans to use 
java.util.concurrent.BlockingQueues, and I think I need a method that 
isn't there.

JMS acknowledge is a little strange. Under CLIENT_ACKNOWLEDGE, a JMS 
client can keep taking messages without acknowledging any of them 
immediately. Normally the client will acknowledge one of the messages 
before a time out. If the client doesn't acknowledge in time, then the 
JMS Session has to redeliver all of the unacknowledged messages in the 
correct order. To keep the order correct, we need to be able to push a 
message back onto the head of the queue.

My friend is about to hack Professor Lea's LinkedNodes to get the 
pushBack method we need. When jskd 1.5 comes out, I'd like to upgrade 
from hacked Channel API to not-hacked BlockingQueue API.

Is it too late to plead a case for a pushBack method? Does anyone else 
need this?



David Walend