[concurrency-interest] JSR166 going into public review

Doug Lea dl@cs.oswego.edu
Fri, 26 Sep 2003 12:41:34 -0400

The version of JSR-166 spec at (the usual place),
was just submitted for JCP public review. (It will probably take a few
days to show up at JCP.org)

All differences from the Community Review version are minor.  Most
changes are javadoc spec clarifications and improvements. Also, there
are a few new convenience methods for atomics and TimeUnit, some
instrumentation methods for ReentrantLock, and some minor refactorings
in ScheduledExecutor.

As always, we welcome all comments, critiques, and suggestions.  As we
continue to push toward final spec, major changes become less likely,
but we remain happy to take people up on good ideas that we can find
some way to accommodate.