[concurrency-interest] Hello, Stability of the Backport, Database-backed Queue?

Steven J. Owens puff@darksleep.com
Mon, 6 Dec 2004 05:00:39 -0500

Hi guys,

     I have a couple of questions.  I need to add a job queue and
worker thread pool to my application.  

     Any opinions on the stability/reliability of the backport?  We're
still on jdk 1.4x and will be for a fair bit longer.  I was going to
go with concurrent.util and upgrade to 1.5 concurrency later, but then
I heard about the backport.  

     Is there any sort of known/accepted database-backed queue?  My
current plan of attack is to basically grab a couple hundred rows out
of a database table and dump them into the queue.  Each worker would
then do the processing, and when complete mark each row as done.  But
it feels like I should have the queue be backed by the table, instead
of dumping them into the table.

     For background, my application needs to make 300-500 HTTP
requests to an external system.  Each request has to stay open for
20-60 seconds, and the whole set of requests has to be done inside a 2
hour time window (which is doable now, but as the number grows...).
Right now it all happens in one thread kicked off from a browser
click.  I want to make it multithreaded to fit inside the necessary
time window.  I also want to make it more automated, durable and
schedulable by using a database table with one row per scheduled

Steven J. Owens

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