[concurrency-interest] Why not J2SE 5?

Greg Gagne ggagne@westminstercollege.edu
Mon, 06 Dec 2004 07:28:42 -0700

Coming from higher ed, I do see alot of interest in coursework covering
the features in 1.5. The 2004 SIGSCE conference had at least 1 workshop
that I'm aware of covering generics, autoboxing, etc. It is my
understanding that the 2005 SIGCSE in March will have much more coverage
as well. I'm starting to see more edu texts with 1.5 features. Overall,
I'd say that many educators are pleased to see these changes,esp.
considering that many educators are coming from C++ backgrounds and are
likely to appreciate features such as generics.

Our CS1/2 1-year intro programming sequence will begin working with 1.5
features beginning in the Fall 05. I teach operating systems which
includes a fair amount of concurrent programming. It is my intention to
cover some of the java.util.concurrent package in my Fall 05 OS class
:-)  - It is in fact a nice API to have students implement some of the

Personally, I do all my work using OS X (our school has a mixture of
Linux and Win machines for student use.) I have been frustrated at how
long it takes Apple to get a release of the latest VM. Apple's 1.4
lagged about a year behind 1.4 production releases for Solaris, Win,
Linux, etc. I expect it will take a similar period of time for a 1.5
release for OS X.


>>> Doug Lea <dl@cs.oswego.edu> 12/06/04 5:56 AM >>>

I'm starting to wonder why there's so much resistance out there to
changing from 1.x to J2SE5 (1.5). Having seen how obsessed the Sun
J2SE5 release managers and engineers were with back-compatibility, and
the huge numbers of regression tests run, and the very large number of
bug-fixes and performance improvements in J2SE5, I honestly don't know
of a good technical reason not to switch over to it, even (or
especially?) if people don't need new functionality. I suppose some of
it might be just be fear of any x.0 release (to be addressed soon, I
think, with the first "underscore" release, "1.5_01" or somesuch
name). And maybe it takes time to install/deploy new JVMs across all
machines etc. But is there some more fundamental reason that I'm


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