[concurrency-interest] Why not J2SE 5?

Jan Nielsen jnielsen@sungardsct.com
Mon, 06 Dec 2004 08:59:48 -0700


Our product runs in a third-party Web container on four different platforms 
(Windows, HPUX, RedHat, and Solaris). Our JVM support is determined by the 
third-party vendor's JVM support in the subset of their product line that 
we use, and they have only recently started to support the 1.4 JVM in that 
set. We are therefore stuck until the third-party vendor fully supports the 
upgraded JVM. And the third-party vendor is Sun. :-|


At 05:56 AM 12/6/2004, Doug Lea wrote:

>I'm starting to wonder why there's so much resistance out there to
>changing from 1.x to J2SE5 (1.5). Having seen how obsessed the Sun
>J2SE5 release managers and engineers were with back-compatibility, and
>the huge numbers of regression tests run, and the very large number of
>bug-fixes and performance improvements in J2SE5, I honestly don't know
>of a good technical reason not to switch over to it, even (or
>especially?) if people don't need new functionality. I suppose some of
>it might be just be fear of any x.0 release (to be addressed soon, I
>think, with the first "underscore" release, "1.5_01" or somesuch
>name). And maybe it takes time to install/deploy new JVMs across all
>machines etc. But is there some more fundamental reason that I'm
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