[concurrency-interest] beta2 review

Kasper Nielsen news@kav.dk
Thu, 29 Jan 2004 10:01:07 +0100

Doug Lea wrote:
> JSR166 is currently undergoing Tiger engineering process review for
> incorporating all changes since November to be part of 1.5-beta2.
> (Yes, this happens even before beta1 is officially out.) We also
> invite you to play this QA game! If you come across typos, bad
> wordings, or other problems. please let us know soon.  Also, any
> reports of functionality problems would be very welcome, as would be
> new test cases.
> The ground rules here are no feature requests, and no API changes.
> Just problems/errors/fixes.  
By no feature requests do you mean just for beta 2 or in general for 

- Kasper