[ Osvaldo Pinali Doederlein ] [concurrency-interest] need to use collection.sort w. CopyOnWriteArrayList but cant.....

Gregg G. Wonderly gregg.wonderly@pobox.com
Wed, 02 Jun 2004 22:20:31 -0500

>If you replicate the sort method as a static of the
>concrete class, and the programmer static-imports these too, and their
>more specific signature guarantees precedence, then "sort(myList)" would
>invoke CopyOnWriteArrayList.sort(CopyOnWriteArrayList).  But it's a huge
>hack, horrible design, and abuse of static imports :-(

I would suggest that perhaps the easist thing for people who need the 
inheritance hierachy, or some other class relationship is to create wrapper 
classes that make the language of programming fit the discriptive language of 
the problem domain.  Then, you can change what you call, or work out different 
details for your special case, and everyone can benefit from having a simpliar 
base API that doesn't try to support a particular problem domain to the 
exclusion of others.

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