[concurrency-interest] Concurrency Presentations at JavaOne 2004

Joseph Bowbeer jozart@blarg.net
Sat, 12 Jun 2004 18:33:00 -0700

There will be two presentations covering java.util.concurrent at JavaOne
this year.  The official schedule is online, and may be subject to change,
but I have reposted the current information below for your convenience.

=> http://www.javaone04.com/catalog/public.jsp

NOTE: TS-2136 was originally proposed as a BOF, which was to incoporate
contributions from concurrency-interest list members.  However, this was
later converted to a Technical Session by the JavaOne committee.  We would
like to thank everyone who volunteered to participate.

* TS-1358:  Concurrency Utilities in JDK 1.5: Multithreading Made Simpler

Presented by David Holmes and Brian Goetz

Schedule Information:  Monday 4:45 PM   Gateway 102/103

Abstract:  This session describes concurrency utilities in the
java.util.concurrent package that are part of JDK 1.5.

Prior to the release of v1.5, the Java platform provided basic primitives
for writing concurrent programs, but they were just that--primitive--and
difficult to use properly. Building multithreaded applications on the Java
platform's low-level concurrency primitives poses many traps for the unwary,
and many developers were forced to reinvent the wheel by writing their own
classes for thread pools, semaphores, and task schedulers.

To help users create robust, scalable, and (most important) correct
multithreaded applications, JDK software v1.5 includes a rich set of
high-level concurrency constructs, such as thread pools, semaphores,
mutexes, condition variables, locks, barriers, and high-performance
concurrent collection classes.

Using concurrency utilities will, in most cases, make your programs clearer,
shorter, faster, easier to write, and more reliable. This talk provides you
with all the information you need to start using these tools.

* TS-2136:  Concurrency Utilities in Practice

Presented by Tim Peierls and Joe Bowbeer

Schedule Information:  Tuesday 4:00 PM   Gateway 102/103

Abstract:  The best way to learn about the new concurrency utilities
introduced by JSR166 is to see them used in practice. This session presents
case studies of real programs that would have been difficult to write
without these new utilities.

This session is of interest to anyone who has ever written a concurrent
program in Java technology.

In addition, Doug Lea will be presenting a BOF on Application Isolation:

* BOF-2436: Application Isolation for J2ME and J2SE (JSR 121)

Presented by Doug Lea and Bernd Mathiske

Schedule Information:  Tuesday 8:30 PM   Golden Gate #1

Abstract:  In this session, hear the latest information about the Java
Application Isolation API for J2ME and J2SE settings. We give you detailed
information about initial application of the APIs as an alternative to
classloader-based containment of Java technology application components. We
also discuss how Isolates provide the basis for exciting new resource
management capabilities.

See you at JavaOne!

The JSR-166 EG