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Brian Goetz brian@quiotix.com
Fri, 18 Jun 2004 12:42:40 -0700

Apparently bcc: to the list sets off the automated list police, so I'll 
revert to the low-tech approach.  (Summary: J1 thinks our talk might 
sell out and wants to know if we are available to repeat it.)

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Subject: Re: 2004 JavaOne[sm] Conference Presentation Question
From: Brian Goetz <brian@quiotix.com>
To: j1papers@sun.com

Yes, based on previous year's attendance, we expect this session will be

I will be available to repeat the talk if necessary in the times below;
if these don't work, I may also be available other times.  I can't speak
for David Holmes's schedule, but in a pinch either of us can cover for
the other.

Tues: 11a to 7p (do not conflict with related TS-2136 Tues, 4:00pm)
Wed: 11a to 6p
Thu: noon to 5

Will there be a video overflow room like there was two years ago?

-Brian Goetz

> Regarding:  TS-1358
> Title:
> Concurrency Utilities in JDKTM Software Version 1.5: Multithreading Made Simpler
> Hello Speaker(s),
> You are receiving this email because you are presenting a talk at the 2004 JavaOne[sm] Conference which we expect will be especially popular with attendees.
> Based on the inherent popularity of your talk we are looking into finding a second slot at the Conference when you could repeat this presentation. We will get a better idea when we're on site at Moscone whether the repeat talk will be necessary, but we'd like to plan ahead.
> But first:
> Will you available at other times during the Conference to repeat your presentation?
> Could you indicate any day/time constraints please.
> Please reply to j1papers@sun.com and let us know.
> thanks,
> The JavaOne Conference Team