[concurrency-interest] Re: PooledLinkedBlockingQueue

Larry Riedel larryr@saturn.sdsu.edu
1 Nov 2004 00:45:28 -0000

> >   I am worried that the pool become a bottleneck
> > with synchronization.  So, is-it possible to
> > don't do any locking when using the pool?  Is the
> > wait-free ConcurrentLinkedQueue a good choice?
> This is the reason that performance of GC'ed
> concurrent data structures tends to be better than
> those using recycling.

What bothers me is that with the JVM I am only allowed to
resurrect an object once, so I cannot let the garbage
collector tell me when an object is not reachable so I can
put it back in the pool.   Unless this changed in JDK 1.5.