AW: [concurrency-interest] LIFO ThreadPoolExecutor

Ernst, Matthias
Mon, 1 Nov 2004 10:11:12 +0100


what I previously did in this case (GUI as well) was to "externalize"
the job list and use a simple FIFO executor. I.e. I implemented a LIFO,
pushed my real job there and scheduled a generic "grab next job from the
LIFO" into the executor. That was with d.l.u.c - I know it contradicts
the fine work that went into the executor interfaces and will certainly
be less performant since it requires additional locking on the LIFO but
in this case it seems like a workable alternative. 

When I think of it you could get rid of the LIFO altogether and query
the GUI components for the currently exposed thumbnails whenever your
executor gets CPU exposure.