[concurrency-interest] phase change notes

Doug Lea dl@cs.oswego.edu
Sat, 27 Nov 2004 08:53:12 -0500

Now that JSR166 is fully in maintenance/RFE mode, we made a few
changes to CVS and related files available off

The CVS repository and accessible API javadocs now contain ONLY those
classes/files that originated in JSR166. We removed existing files
that were modified as part of JSR166 (for example, ThreadLocal, to
which we added the "remove" method). This allows future unrelated
JSRs, RFEs and bug fixes to further modify these without our direct
involvement. But the JSR166 maintenance group (*) will continue to
maintain the base repository holding any changes to files that we

We have been encouraged to incorporate our initial backlog of RFEs
(i.e., those we accepted while JSR166 was officially in progess but
couldn't do in time for Tiger) into Mustang (J2SE6.0) builds whenever
we are ready.  This is why we've been reviewing and touching up Deque
and BlockingDeque, as well as ConcurrentSkiplListMap and its
associated interfaces. We will probably try to integrate these into
Mustang builds sometime within a month or two. We'll still supply
these as jsr166x.jar as well, so that you won't strictly need Mustang
builds to use them.

As you probably know, early-access Mustang builds and sources are now
accessible under the Java Research License at

We'd also like to encourage you to suggest now any changes or
additions that can uncontroversially be done as small maintenance
updates. Schedules for getting in even small changes for J2SE6 will
probably be short. 

(*) The JSR166 maintenance group is most of us from the JSR166 expert
group: Josh Bloch, Joe Bowbeer, Brian Goetz, David Holmes, Doug Lea
and Tim Peierls, along with Martin Buchholz and Dave Dice from Sun,
and Bill Pugh (Univ Maryland; JSR133 lead).