[concurrency-interest] private field

David Holmes dholmes@dltech.com.au
Thu, 14 Oct 2004 14:07:02 +1000


> Here, we have all we want: concurrency, performance and low memory
> consumption.

Ah I see. My gut reaction is that we should have had a drainTo(T[] ta)
method. :( I guess the thinking was that draining to a collection was more
generally useful and you can use an ArrayList to then get to an array.

Otherwise your requirements for fast, concurrent and low-memory usage seem
to only be pair-wise compatible:

- fast & concurrent -> needs the extra ArrayList to drain to (though I guess
you could try and reuse this?)

- fast & low-memory -> needs more locking

Plus the need for atomic removal precludes other potential solutions, such
as iterating through and removing (not to mention that the iterator has a
lot of locking), or a simple polling loop.

Maybe someone else can think of something.

David Holmes