[concurrency-interest] HTTP client libraries using NIO

Jean Morissette jean.morissette666 at videotron.ca
Wed Apr 13 21:08:44 EDT 2005

Le 13 Avril 2005 15:51, Naren Chawla a écrit :
> Anybody aware of java open-source HTTP client libraries built on top of
> NIO (non-blocking IO)?

You can see JCyclone at http://www.jcyclone.org/

JCyclone is a new SEDA-based platform that is designed for performance.  It 
provide many extentions like 'asocket' and 'http' that sit on top of NIO.  
You can have other informations at the site of Matt Welsh, the founder of 
NIO.  Please, let me know if you have question.

Hope this help,

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