[concurrency-interest] New Java Tutorial Threads chapter

Dawid Kurzyniec dawidk at mathcs.emory.edu
Sat Apr 23 20:37:53 EDT 2005

Martin Buchholz wrote:

>The Java Tutorial (i.e. the book and its public web site)
>are being updated.  The new and hopefully improved beta Threads chapter
>can be found here:
Couple of quick comments:

In code examples at:

1) There is a typo in the table with Condition methods; should be 
awaitUninterruptibly (is: Interruptibly)

2) instead of catching/ignoring InterrputedException, I think it is much 
safer/elegant to use awaitUninterruptibly(), or declare that put can 
throw InterruptedException.

3) Placing return statement in the finally clause is a bit dangerous 
practice; I would suggest putting it after the try/finally block.

4) "Race" pluglet does not load, at:

Dawid Kurzyniec

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