[concurrency-interest] reusing threads and thread local state

Larry Riedel larryr at saturn.sdsu.edu
Sat Apr 30 16:29:34 EDT 2005

> > It seems to me plainly reasonable to ask to be able to
> > iterate through all the ThreadLocals associated with a
> > particular Thread, as well as to be able to clear each
> > one found via iteration, regardless of whether there
> > is a provided method which promises to clear all the
> > ThreadLocals, or whether clearing them would (not) put
> > the Thread in a pristine state.
> [...] It's equally reasonable to ask to iterate through
> all of the fields contained in an instance

I agree that is conceptually similar.

> (whatever their access level).

I think when policy dictates, method(s) providing
mechanisms for accessing ThreadLocals in this manner
should of course support the throwing of appropriate
exceptions such as IllegalAccessException.


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