[concurrency-interest] Does "Thread.stop" do what is says it does?

David Holmes dholmes at dltech.com.au
Thu Aug 4 21:39:09 EDT 2005


> Replying to myself: the observed behavior seems to be that stop followed
> by start does not cause immediate thread termination, so I guess I
> report it here as a bug. (I guess it should be "if (this.getState() ==
> TERMINATED) return;" or something equivalent).

There is a lot of history here and numerous bugs concerning the incorrect
behaviour of "still born" threads - ones which have been stopped before they
started. Back in 1.1 it worked as advertised, but there was a different bug
whereby once stop() had been called then isAlive() returned false even
though the thread was not terminated. In 1.2 if I recall correctly they
fixed the isAlive problem, broke the still-born behaviour and deprecated the
stop method. So thereafter any bug reports concerning this were flagged as
"will not fix as it concerns a deprecated method". Not sure what bugs are
still present in the bug parade.

In short you cannot rely on Thread.stop doing anything per its documentation
these days.

David Holmes

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