[concurrency-interest] Whats up with the ThreadPoolExecutor?

David Holmes dholmes at dltech.com.au
Mon Aug 22 20:27:45 EDT 2005


> I don't know if this is a bug or me just using it wrongly. But I add
> work to the pool, and I add the same Runnable each time. Since I try to
> avoid GC. But it seems that it doesn't process the full queue. If I
> create a new Runnable each time its ok.

As Tim indicated this is indeed a bug, but one only exercised under
particular conditions:
 - there are >= core-size threads already in the pool
 - the queue is bounded and full
 - you've submitted the same Runnable multiple times

So change any of the above and you can work-around the problem.

There is an easy fix that Dawid can hopefully get into the backport in the
very near future:

- addIfUnderCorePoolSize needs to be changed to return an int <0, 0 or >0 to
represent the three cases it is checking for.

David Holmes

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