[concurrency-interest] Whats up with the ThreadPoolExecutor?

Gregg Wonderly gergg at cox.net
Mon Aug 22 23:41:44 EDT 2005

Doug Lea wrote:
> David Holmes wrote:
>> There is an easy fix that Dawid can hopefully get into the backport in 
>> the
>> very near future:
> And the fix for the java.util.concurrent version will with some luck be 
> in Mustang.
> While we never expected anyone to reuse Runnable tasks
> in this way, (and in general, it is not a good idea)
> the specs did not say you cannot, so it is indeed a bug.

I've recently made changes to Timer to allow TimerTasks to be reused so that a TimerTask can reschedule the same object 
into the future without a lot of garbage being generated for fast cycling tasks with odd repeating intervals.  I think 
it makes a lot of sense to try and work towards reducing garbage generation by not requiring new objects.  There are, of 
course some interesting issues, such as this one...

Gregg Wonderly

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