[concurrency-interest] Whats up with the ThreadPoolExecutor?

Ravinder Singh ravs at online.no
Tue Aug 23 03:11:24 EDT 2005

I don't think its suspect, since the integer is only incremented and 
never deccremented, the value should allways be correct.

I have now corrected to use a separate Runnable for each task.

>>   static private int cSt, cWrk;
>>   public static class Woerker implements Runnable
>>   {
>>       public void run()
>>       {
>>           cSt++;
>>       }
>>   }
> This is not the main problem, but you are incrementing the cSt counter 
> without any kind of synchronization, so the cSt value you are seeing 
> is suspect.
> --tim

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