[concurrency-interest] How do I replicate these in java.util.concurrent

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Fri Jul 1 13:35:22 EDT 2005

> Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2005 16:59:50 +0200
> From: "Nikolai V. Chr." <nikolai at ifad.dk>
> Subject: Re: [concurrency-interest] How do I replicate these in java.util.concurrent
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> Doug Lea wrote:
> ....
> Thank you! Was very helpful info.
> In fact I think you should put it on your website, calling it something 
> like: How to migrate to java.util.concurrent or something. :)
> Regards
> Nikolai

If you jump over to http://www.jdocs.com/concurrent/1.3.4/api/index.html you will find that you can annotate the Javadoc for this API (and other API's). I added some of this migration information there; view http://www.jdocs.com/rss/recentMessages.jsp?shortname=concurrent&version=1.3.4 in an RSS reader.

Unfortunately, there is no way to add an annotation to the top level package.html to point to java.util.concurrent (although Doug does mention it at the very bottom).

It's not as ideal as actually having the migration info in the main distribution, but it may suffice.

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