[concurrency-interest] Sun Licensing terms forbackport-util-concurrent

Dawid Kurzyniec dawidk at mathcs.emory.edu
Wed Jul 13 20:50:43 EDT 2005

Alan Wiersba wrote:

> Hi David.  I'm a Release Manager at Oracle Corporation, and we're 
> trying to use the Java 1.4 backport of JSR 166 (java.util.concurrent) 
> in our new software which we're planning to ship shortly.
> I have a question as to what the actual text is of the Sun License 
> which some of the files in that backport use.
> In http://www.mathcs.emory.edu/dcl/util/backport-util-concurrent/ it says:
> "A few source files in this library originate from SUN JDK and bear 
> SUN source code license, as stated in file headers."
> However, I don't see an actual Sun License agreement in any of the 6 
> files which appear to be Sun files.
After consulting with Doug Lea, I can say the following in regard to the 
7 source files in question:

CopyOnWriteArrayList: this file is not in public domain, but it can be 
used and distributed as a part of a larger work in source and binary 
forms, with or without modification, provided that the conditions stated 
in http://gee.cs.oswego.edu/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/jsr166/src/main/readme 
are met (those are: not using SUN name/trademarks as an endorsement, and 
retaining the disclaimer acknowledging SUN partial copyright and 

PriorityQueue, AbstractMap: these files will be replaced in backport 
2.0_01 by new, clean-room, public domain implementations. The timeline 
for this change is the next two weeks. (The new AbstractMap is already 
available in CVS).

LinkedList, Collections, TreeMap, TreeSet: quoting Doug Lea: (those 
files) "are ones we (JSR166) are still coordinating
with Sun to change in Mustang. Since they are neither purely Sun's (they 
don't appear yet even in Mustang builds at java.net) nor ours, they 
don't yet have a clear status."

I am planning to contact SUN legal representatives to clarify the 
redistribution/modification policy of these files.

These files have been added to the backport very recently (in the 
version 2.0), and they do not belong to the core API. People concerned 
about their licensing, and not needing them, will be able to remove them 
from the backport before redistributing it. Also, I will probably 
provide an appropriate download option.

Until 2.0_01 is available, I can provide upon request a stripped release 
of the backport, with the 6 files in question, and their dependencies, 

I will also try to clarify the licensing issues posted on the Web page.

Dawid Kurzyniec

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