[concurrency-interest] JSR166X gone?

Doug Lea dl at cs.oswego.edu
Sun Jul 31 20:11:04 EDT 2005

Andrew Lentvorski wrote:
> Has the stuff in JSR166X migrated to some other, possibly official package?
> I can't seem to find the jar for it anymore in the CVS repository.

Sorry, this was just a mechanical error on my part. I need to swap
around various settings to build Tiger vs Mustang versions whenever
regenerating public javadocs and jars and sometimes get it wrong without
noticing. The jsr166x.jar should be in its usual place now.

On the larger question though, yes, the NavigableMaps and Deques in
jsr166x are still slated to be included in Mustang. Integrating them
into Sun builds is taking longer than planned, but they should be
in the java.net Mustang snapshots sometime.


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