[concurrency-interest] Synchronizing on AtomicBoolean safe?

Nikolai V. Chr. nikolai at ifad.dk
Thu Jun 30 09:57:25 EDT 2005

Tim Peierls wrote:

> This will work, but why use AtomicBoolean at all?

Sometimes I wish to just set a value on it, using set(). And I was 
hoping that while I was synchronizing on the AtomicBoolean, I was 
synchronizing on the same same object that AtomicBoolean was 
synchronizing on.

Just like doing this would do:

SynchronizedBoolean protocolSupportEnabled = new 

synchronized(protocolSupportEnabled.getLock()) {
  old = protocolSupportEnabled.set(enable);
  if(enable) {

  } else {

And someshwere else I would do this at the same time:


And then expect them to lock on the same Object. The question is, will 
the previous posted code do the same?

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