[concurrency-interest] Performance of LinkedBlockingQueue.poll()

Doug Lea dl at cs.oswego.edu
Thu Jun 30 11:27:37 EDT 2005

Baker, Anthony wrote:
> Hi,
> During a recent profiling session, I was surprised to discover a 
> perfomance hotspot identified as LinkedBlockingQueue.poll().  The 
> profiler recorded about 39k invocations of poll() as accummulating 139s 
> of cpu time (that's an avg of about 3.5ms per invocation).  Is this a 
> known issue or perhaps a profiling artifact?  Switching back to Doug 
> Lea's BoundedLinkedQueue removed this hotspot.

LinkedBlockingQueue is faster than old BoundedLinkedQueue on
every test I have. If you can put something together that
we can use to replicate your results, we'd be happy to try to
help diagnose and further improve it.


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