[concurrency-interest] backport: Is there a forward port of backport.util.concurrent to Java 5.0

mark.kralj-taylor mark.kralj-taylor at zen.co.uk
Wed May 11 04:42:44 EDT 2005

Is there a forward port to Java 5 of the backport.util.concurrent libraries?

At first this might sound a strange requrest, if running a Java 5 JVM, 
why not just use java.util.concurrent directly?

I want to use java.util.concurrent style APIs in my libraries, but I 
don't control the level of JVM the code will eventually be run in.
This is typical for large systems that are composed to a mixture of open 
source and in-house Jars from several project teams.
I have to write to the minimum JVM level that we support (Java 1.4), 
then other projects will choose to deploy to either a Java 1.4 or 5.0 JVM.
I don't have cycles to maintain seperate Java 1.4 and 5.0 sources or 
libraries I work on.
It would be great if I could code to backport.util.concurrent API, then 
projects could choose between a Java 1.4 and Java 5.0 implementation Jar 
of  backport.util.concurrent, to match their JVM.

The benefits of a Java 5 forward port of java.util.concurrent, is that 
it lets people take advantace of an implementation optimised for Java 5 
atomic operations, if they are running a Java 5.0 JVM, without needing 
them to make any code changes.
Right now my libraries are leading projects to use 
backport.util.concurrent APIs, which is a performance compromise on Java 
5.0 JVMs.

Ideally a forward port would allow interoperability between 
java.util.concurrent and backport.util.concurrent.

What is the backport.util.concurrent project's thoughts on this?
Are there any plans to Java 5 produce a forward port?


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