[concurrency-interest] backport: Is there a forward portofbackport.util.concurrent to Java 5.0

David Holmes dholmes at dltech.com.au
Wed May 11 19:29:24 EDT 2005

mark kralj-taylor writes:
> we are happy to make decision at deployment time, just not
> design (coding) time.

Import statement translation is a build-time decision, not a design time
one. Whenever a project wants to use your library they build it specifying
which import to use (you could even define an Annotation for this and write
your own annotation pre-processor). Or you simply build two different jars
for your library. Managing two jars should not be a burden - and you'd need
to manage either the back-port jar of forward-port jar anyway. Actually
producing the jars needs a pre-processing phase in your compilation system.

Given the complexity of the systems you describe, managing this "switch" in
the build process should not be a major concern. Besides what alternative do
you actually have? A forward-port does not yet exist.

David Holmes

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