[concurrency-interest] Backport in Retroweaver

Doug Lea dl at cs.oswego.edu
Tue May 17 09:42:12 EDT 2005

David Walend wrote:
> I took some time last night to add support for the concurrency  
> backport in retroweaver last night. It was pretty straightforward.  
> (diff to RetroWeaver.java added to the end of this email.)
> Any advice on testing? Is there a body of tests for JSR-166 that I  
> can just grab, retroweave and run?

All of the TCK tests are available in CVS (src/test/tck)
as are most of our random undocumented micro-benchmark-style tests
(src/test/loops), and also some tests in a form compatible with
Sun regression testing (src/test/jtreg)


Warning: At the moment, most of our CVS is in a state
preparing for Mustang integration, so you will need to
make a lot of minor ad-hoc adjustments to suppress or
avoid 1.6-specific classes and functionality.


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