[concurrency-interest] spurious wakeups semantics

Pete Soper Pete.Soper at Sun.COM
Thu Nov 3 17:38:05 EST 2005

P.H.Welch wrote:

> If I say to Fred: "wake me up when Jim's made the porridge" ... and Fred goes
> and wakes me up before Jim's made the porridge ... and Fred is a computer
> programmed to do that task ... then I'd say Fred is broken.

Fred is a very human-like computer with bare feet in a house with loose
carpet tacks and very occasionally screams at the top of his lungs.
Neither you or Jim are willing to pay for the carpet man to come around,
to make Fred shoes, string a metal detector around his neck and give him
some extra code, etc. You are periodically annoyed but finally accept
that noise happens. And you never, ever dip your spoon into an empty
bowl of porridge anyway.



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