[concurrency-interest] Java Memory Model versus dotnet MemoryModel

serge masse sergemasse1 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 6 10:26:35 EST 2005

David Holmes wrote: "Given that multi-core chips are
supposed to be transparent to the software (ie the
software can't tell if it is running on multi-core or
SMP) then I don't expect to suddenly see problems with
software that ran on a SMP before and is now run on
multi-core. Of course, software that has only run on a
single processor before may well exhibit previously
undetected concurrency bugs when run with multiple
processors and/or cores."

Thank you David.

Should we worry about multicores soon to be

Let's just consider servlets (and jsps) for example.

There are millions of them currently running.

A large portion of them are currently running on
uniprocessors and probably most of these are slated to
be ported to multicore systems over the next few

What is the expected percentage of these that will
show new defects when ported to multicore?

I am worried by this but maybe I shouldn't be.
Nevertheless, there are quite a few signals raising
alarms about the issue of concurrent Java code ported
from uniprocessors to multicore and I hope that this
mailing list will be helpful about it, as I think it
is part of its purpose.

Thank you for all who make this list so informative
and useful.


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