[concurrency-interest] ThreadPoolExecutor

Doug Lea dl at cs.oswego.edu
Fri Oct 7 09:40:15 EDT 2005

Patrick Eger wrote:
> The problem with cachedThreadPool() for our use was that the synchronous
> handoff / lack of queuing makes us unable to smoothe out transient
> request bursts, 

One way to deal with this is to create a custom ThreadFactory that
creates threads in batches.

> and lack of MAX size on the pool means potential
> resource exhaustion. 

You can still use a max expecially if you can live with a
CallerRuns or Discard policy on saturation. Which
I'd guess that you probably need to do anyway in this

> PS As an aside, are there any known issues with the old "oswego" package
> thread pools (since the new JDK5 memory model)?  

None that I'm aware of. That package was pretty conservative
about assumptions about JVMs.


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