[concurrency-interest] Concurrent Programming in Java

Luís Matta levmatta at uol.com.br
Thu Oct 13 22:48:14 EDT 2005

Hello all (I'm posting public because the answer might be of general 
    listening this mailing list has being a wonderfull learning 
experience, and there is something to be sad about exposing ideas in the 
form of a dialog, but I would like to know... 
    If Doug Lea, his staff (if he has), or the people at Sun are going 
to publish a book on the subject. More specifically a update to the 
"Concurrent Programming in Java: Design Principles and Patterns", I have 
gone to the site and I have found a online suplement, but I am more 
interested in a complete update of the book directed at the java 5 (and 
above) and plataform.
     Also a better text explananing of the new memory model, and all the 
resoning behind it. Just a comment: the paper has unswered questions for 
picture labels, very anoying (maybe they are obvious or suposed to make 
you think). Or any other book, for that mather, on a related topic.

Thanks all,
Luís Matta

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