[concurrency-interest] Volatile array and Wait

Jeremy Manson jmanson at cs.purdue.edu
Tue Oct 18 00:30:04 EDT 2005

Vijay wrote:
> Question 1) I have an array e.g. volatile long[] a1 = new long[100];
> Now, is the object a1 volatile or every element of array a1 is
> volatile or both?

The reference is volatile; the elements of the array are not.  Writes to
a1 will be volatile; writes to elements of a1 (a1[0], a1[1]...) will not.

> Question 2) When we come out of wait state, is it the same thing as
> entering a synchronized block? Will all the variables be taken from
> RAM again instead of from the register buffer?

When you wake from wait(), you must reacquire the lock before 
proceeding; it therefore has the same semantics as a lock acquisition.

It is a little dangerous to think of these semantics in terms of main 
memory and buffers, for reasons that have been discussed in detail on 
this list.

Hope that helps!


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