[concurrency-interest] Volatile array and Wait

Pete Soper Pete.Soper at Sun.COM
Fri Oct 21 15:44:16 EDT 2005

Dawid Kurzyniec wrote:
> Pete Soper wrote:
>>See sections and 17.4.5, especially the discussion item in the
>>latter section:
>>"A write to a volatile field happens happens before every subsequent
>>read of that field."
>>This doesn't say "if the read or write doesn't get optimized away." This
>>text isn't making a suggestion. 
> Optimizations, by definition, are never mentioned in the spec (unless as 
> hints). An optimization can do whatever it wants as long as it does not 

I didn't mean to imply it would be proper to mention optimizations in a
spec. That was a flippant remark. I'll try not to make those kinds of
remarks in the future, realizing they don't work well with email!


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