[concurrency-interest] Compiling from CVS

David Holmes dholmes at dltech.com.au
Mon Sep 5 18:11:11 EDT 2005


> This would seem to indicate that it's running a 1.4 compiler.


> If I specify a "java.home" attribute, I get...
> file:/usr/local/netauth2/jsr166/jsr166/build.xml:111: Error running
> javac compiler

Can't help there. Have you tried just setting the PATH to point to javac 5
when running ant?

> If I compile by hand, I get errors complaining that it cannot find
> Arrays.copyOf() for various classes.

Those methods are new in Mustang. It seems Arrays.java has just been added
to the cvs with these new methods. However I don't think you want to be
compiling the Mustang version of things. Does it not suffice to download the
jsr166 jar file and place it in your bootclasspath?

David Holmes

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