[concurrency-interest] overview new features -> tim.

Peter Veentjer - Anchor Men p.veentjer at anchormen.nl
Tue Sep 6 03:37:24 EDT 2005

You have been asking about a usecase for the BlockingExecutor.
The someExecutorService from my threading example is A BlockingExecutor.

OutputChannel c = new DoSomeHeavyCalculatingOutputChannel(..);
BlockingExecutor blockingExecutor = new BlockingExecutor(10);//10
ActiveOutputChannel activeChannel= new

The someExecutor is a BlockingExecutor. That is where I need The control

for timeouts for. If a msg is offered on activeChannel, The message is 
offered with the same arguments to the blockingexecutor.

Example of put:
activeChannel.Put(msg) gives a blockingExecutor.put(new

Example of offer:
activeChannel.offer(msg,timeout,unit) gives a blockingExecutor.offer(new

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