[concurrency-interest] JSR166+backport: Licensing Issues

Doug Lea dl at cs.oswego.edu
Wed Sep 14 18:49:13 EDT 2005

Andrew John Hughes wrote:
> We would be grateful if you could clarify this with us, so as to avoid
> any later confusion.

There's a simple, universally valid rule you can use for JSR166 files
as they appear in CVS:
For any file of interest, do "head -5 <filename>".
It will either clearly say that it is released to the public domain or
it won't. Nearly all are.

But especially during release integration, our CVS contains not only
files originated by us, but also other files that are modified by us.
We do this to make sure that everything goes into a release exactly
right, which is more important to us than maintaining license purity.

This rule is better than an enumeration, since the actual files
might change over time.

(BTW, our diffs to files not originated by us are also
released to the public domain, but they might not be
very useful.)


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