[concurrency-interest] Critique my class ?

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I have made an example of what I mean:
interface ChannelCommand{
 void run(Channel channel);

class ChannelCommandWriter{
 private ScheduledExecutorService _executor = new
 private BLockingQueue<FutureTask> _futureQueue = new
 private Channel _channel = ...;
 public ChanneldCommandWriter(){
 public Future execute(final ChannelCommand command){
  Runnable r = new Runnable(){
   void run(){
  FutureTask<Object> ftask = new FutureTask<Object>(r, null);
  return ftask;         
 private class FlushRunnable implements Runnable{
  public void run(){
   List<Future> futureList = new LinkedList<Future>();
   for(Future future: futureList){
And now you can use it asynchronous:
ChannelCommandWriter writer = new ChannelCommandWriter();
or synchronous:
ChannelCommandWriter writer = new ChannelCommandWriter();
Future future = writer.execute(someChannelCommand);
future.get();//wait untill the execution completed.


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Onderwerp: Re: [concurrency-interest] Critique my class ?

The whole point is that it is a XA database so each request must be
gauranteed that the sync has occurred and therfore will block. however,
new waiters that began waiting after the sync was started must not be
notified with the group of requests that began waiting before the sync
was started.

On 9/22/05, Peter Veentjer - Anchor Men <p.veentjer at anchormen.nl> wrote:

	And you could use a Future of you realy need to wait for the
result of the execution. 


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	Onderwerp: RE: [concurrency-interest] Critique my class ?
	Would it not be an idea the store all the requests for every
thread in the queue and periodically flush that queue? Now clients don`t
have to block untill they can write information to the channel.You can
use a bounded BlockingQueue to prevent that there are to many requests
and you can use a ScheduledExecutor to schedule a runnable for the
flusing task. 

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	Onderwerp: [concurrency-interest] Critique my class ?
	I have a use case where I've got several client threads that
write to a FileChannel but I must guarantee that the file gets synced
for each client. A file sync could take up to 40ms depending on the size
of the file. To get around this I want to buffer up the clients so I
only have to do the sync once every, say 50ms, thus drastically
improving the throughput at the cost of a little latency.
	Question : is there something already available that would help
me do this sort of thing ? I thought maybe a cyclicbarrier but somehow
it didn't fit ( I'm not concerned with the number of clients waiting but
rather the time elapsed since last sync)
	Otherwise, can anybody see anything wrong with the following
implementation ? (I've called it Switch for want of a better term). 
	class Switch {
	    private Lock lock = new ReentrantLock();
	    private Condition condition = lock.newCondition();
	    private boolean waiters;
	    private Exception failure;
	     * Lock, but only if there are waiters.
	     * @return if the lock was acquired.
	    public boolean lockIfWaiters() {
	        failure = null;
	        if (!waiters) {
	            return false;
	        return true;
	     * Unlock the switch and notify all those that have been
	    public void unlockAndSignalAll() {
	        waiters = false;
	     * Indicate to waiters that the operation has failed.
	    public void signalFailure(Exception cause){
	        this.failure = cause;
	     * Used by waiters on the switch. 
	     * @throws InterruptedException
	    public void await() throws InterruptedException,
	        try {
	            waiters = true;
	            if(failure != null)
	                throw new WaitFailureException(failure);
	        } finally {
	The clients call this method after they've written to the
	    protected void force() throws SyncFailedException {
	        try {
	        } catch (InterruptedException e) {
	            throw new SyncFailedException(e.toString());
	        } catch (WaitFailureException e) {
	            throw new SyncFailedException(e.toString());        
	and I have a scheduled task that does the actual file sync:
	    class FileSyncer implements Runnable {
	        public void run() {
	            while (swtch.lockIfWaiters()) {
	                try {
	                } catch (Exception e){
	                    // error logging omitted
	Chris Burnley

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