[concurrency-interest] Threadpoolexecutor.maximumPoolSize

Seth Green seth.m.green at gmail.com
Wed Aug 30 15:48:08 EDT 2006

I had no idea the java.util.concurrency library had been backported, and 
I was so fired up to use it. I have some code that uses a 
ThreadPoolExecuter, but it seems that although I have set the 
maximumPoolSize to 50 the pool never grows beyond my corePoolSize.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to why this would be the case. Is there 
something I should be doing differently?

I check getMaximimPoolSize() in a number of places and it is always 50, 
but even though I try to assign 50 threads at once, it only ever start 5 
(my corePoolSize).

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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