[concurrency-interest] Threadpoolexecutor.maximumPoolSize

Dhanji R. Prasanna dhanji at gmail.com
Wed Aug 30 16:34:18 EDT 2006

The TPE always starts at corePoolSize. use the prestartCoreThread()
methods to get the threads up to max if needed. Though if they are
idle, it will shrink back down I believe.

Also if you are using ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor implementation, note
that maximumPoolSize has no effect.

On 8/31/06, Seth Green <seth.m.green at gmail.com> wrote:
> I had no idea the java.util.concurrency library had been backported, and
> I was so fired up to use it. I have some code that uses a
> ThreadPoolExecuter, but it seems that although I have set the
> maximumPoolSize to 50 the pool never grows beyond my corePoolSize.
> Does anyone have a suggestion as to why this would be the case. Is there
> something I should be doing differently?
> I check getMaximimPoolSize() in a number of places and it is always 50,
> but even though I try to assign 50 threads at once, it only ever start 5
> (my corePoolSize).
> Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
> thanks,
> seth
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