[concurrency-interest] Any fix for bug 6460501: AbstractQueuedSynchronizer$Node memory leak in BlockingQueues

David Walend david at walend.net
Fri Dec 1 10:46:06 EST 2006

I need your help with a leak of  
java.util.concurrent.locks.AbstractQueuedSynchronizer$Node s I'm  
seeing in a big application using SomnifugiJMS. In a profiler run of  
about two hours, it's leaking about 250,000 instances in an idle  
system. (Netbeans profiler says that is about 8 MB. I'm pretty sure  
it's a big contributor to why we're running out of memory in 4-day  
runs, but haven't made a profile run that long.) The allocation stack  
trace says these are getting allocated when I call  
PriorityBlockingQueue's poll() method with a timeout of 100 ms. I  
think it only leaks when the call times out, but don't have good  
evidence for that.

I found bug 6460501 ( http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do? 
bug_id=6460501 ) which seems to be a match.

We're committed to using Java5.

Any suggestions for a fix or a work-around? Is there one already in  
the concurrency backport?



David Walend
david at walend.net

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