[concurrency-interest] Backport concurrency util in EJB

Tony tonai98 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 10 08:07:40 EST 2006

dear all,

i would like to ask how safe it is to use backport concurrency util in EJB if the codes only depends on the datasource provided by the container.

the codes mainly query/update the database. It is actually a batch job which can be broken down to chunks of logical processes. Some of the processes can be running in parallel, while certain processes are depending on the outcome of other processes.

using JMS to achieve parallel processing (to speed up the process) is a bit complicated, so i was thinking of using this backport util to spawn off few threads.

if the codes only depending on database access, how safe is it to use backport concurrent util? (as the EJB spec clearly disencourage spawning thread).


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